KASHMIR… Becomes Business!!!

Kashmir become business for both india and Pakistan. Becoz no one is ready to solve the problem of kashmiri peoples, what they are facing right now. Kashmir sits on the frontier of India and Pakistan, and both countries have spilled rivers of blood over it. Three times, they have gone to war, and tens of thousands of people have been killed in the conflict. It is one of Asia’s most dangerous flash points, where a million troops have squared off along the disputed border. Both sides now wield nuclear arms. And the two sides are divided by religion, with Kashmir stuck in the middle.

The rebellion, says Imran Khan, Pakistan’s presumed new leader, is now β€œindigenous.” Mr. Khan, who clearly has a Pakistani perspective on the conflict, says he is determined to negotiate an end to it. His persuasive election victory last month β€” and the fact that India’s prime minister, Narendra Modi, made a friendly phone call to congratulate him β€” suggests a breakthrough is possible.

But India still loves to blame Pakistan for all its Kashmir problems, and Pakistan, according to Western intelligence agents, continues to send some money and weapons to militants in Kashmir. Many Indian politicians seem in denial that their own politics and policies might be a factor.


KASHMIR…. heaven lost in himalayas…!!!

Which day is not martyrs day in Kashmir?
As a Kashmiri I Feel Burden…!!!Β 

kashmir Valley is most famous for his natural beauty and seasons, every year lakhs of tourists vists kashmir Valley, greenery mountains lakes and many famous Gardens…!!!

JAMMU AND KASHMIR is located between pakistan, India and china. Jammu and kashmir is divided into three parts which is Kashmir, Jammu and Ladakh. Kashmiris on pakistan side, jammu is located indian side and ladakh is at Chinese side. Some parts of kashmir is under pakistan(POK- pakistan occpied kashmir) and china(COK) and rest is under india (IOK). Today we’re talking about Iok Means India occupied kashmir, from last 30 years more than 1 lakh people had been killed by indian forces, thousands disappeared and thousands of womens was raped and murdered.

The areas shown in green are the two Pakistani-controlled areas: Gilgit–Baltistan in the north and Azad Kashmir in the south. The area shown in orange is the Indian-controlled state of Jammu and Kashmir and the diagonally-hatched area to the east is the Chinese-controlled area known as Aksai Chin. Source: Wikipedia

Unfortunately we’re losing this heaven from last some years, today kashmir Valley is most militarised zone in the world, everyday 2 3 people are found dead by indian forces. The reason behind this is Kashmiri people want Freedom from india and Pakistan and hoping to become a peaceful country. But india and Pakistan playing politics war on kashmir. list of massacres done by indian forces in kashmir from last 26 years. My divided land between two hostile neighbours – India and Pakistan – is a territory of war, death, destruction and occupation. Democracies have turned military dictatorships here. Laws here are meant to protect murderers and turn victims into ghosts.AFSPA, AK 47, killings, attacks, tortures, rapes, protests, disappeared people, Aazadi, crackdown, Mukhbirs , grenades, stone-pelting, fake-encounters, Ikhwanis etc. comprise my language as regular vocabulary. Thousands have disappeared. Kashmir is littered with unmarked graves, orphans, widows, half-widows, amputees, handicapped, tortured and maimed. Speak a word about types of brutality, and Kashmir has an example.

A Kashmiri protester throws a stone towards police during a strike called by separatist groups against the killings in south Kashmir in April, 2105. | Reuters

Which day is not martyrs day in Kashmir?

Our memory of loss and death is too bloody to be marked on calendars and memorials. Go and quiz any Kashmiri, any, from anywhere in the world and ask him, has he lost anyone whom he knew in the last 26 years. A ‘no’ will be rare. As a Kashmiri, I fight India by rejecting it. I’m not clear about Pakistan either. But it would be grossly incorrect to assess the two on a similar plane.

India has and continues to use its every structure to quell Kashmiris. Presence of 7,00,000 paramilitary troops, thousands of policemen and agencies, black laws and installation of puppet rulers from New Delhi to give a β€œdemocratic” colour to its authority in the state represents India in Kashmir.